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FIFA 18  Squad Builder Challenges: Kaka Receives the Special End of an Era card

  • 2018-03-21 16:01:37
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EA Sports continue to release some new Ultimate Team Squad Builder Challenges that will stay for the reminder of FIFA 18. While this time your attention may been drawn to Kaka's End of an Era card. His card in FIFA 18 gave him a serious upgrade, making him rated from 80 in December 2017 to an impressive 92 presently.

When it comes to FIFA video game, no one will ignore the Brazilian players who have influenced FIFA game a long time after FIFA 11. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite would be the global cover star for EA Sports' FIFA 11. You might know him better as Kaka, the 28-year-old Brazilian star for Real Madrid. And in FIFA 18, KaKa joins the likes of Francesco Totti and Dirk Kuyt as players to receive the special End of an Era card. Here we tend to show you KaKa's achievements via this event. Also, welcome to buy fifa 18 gold without registration at our site.

Since his release though, players have started pointing out the obvious elephant in the room. The card has just 55 stamina, with reports that he's almost all done by the 80th minute of matches.

Others have praised his pace and dribbling though, so it seems that taking the risk of him running out of stamina is worth the reward of the goals and assists he provides. Notable high stats include 99 in both volleys and penalties when it comes to shooting, and he also has 99 ball control in the dribbling department.

To get EoaE Kaka, the Squad Builder Challenges are: exchange a squad filled with his former teammates, and exchange a squad featuring Kaka's time with his national team.

How to Play Squad Builder Challenges on the FIFA 18 Web App
Thankfully, this year you can complete Squad Builder Challenges on the web app instead of having to log onto the game on your platform of choice. They have made completing SBCs on the web app very easy for FIFA 18. Once you have made your way to the web app online, you will be prompted to enter your account information – which will be the same as your EA account details. Then you will have to enter the answer to the security question if you have set one. Finally, you will be asked to choose the badge, kits, and basic team nationality of your squad.

Once you get to the main menu, you will  a banner of options on the left-hand side of the screen. The third one down will say 'SBC' which is where you'll find all the Squad Builder Challenges. Click on that option and you'll be taken to all the SBC categories. You may have to complete the basics challenge but that should take no longer than a couple of minutes. You will then be able to choose which Squad Builder Challenge you want to complete and you'll begin earning rewards.

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