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FIFA 18 Web App Tips: Get a Head Start on Your Competitive FUT Champs Squad

  • 2018-01-12 12:30:02
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FIFA 18 Web App and Companion App has already gone live along with the game's FIFA 18 Early Access period for EA Access subscribers on PC and Xbox One. As Seasoned FUT Ultimate Team players will be attempting to make as many FIFA 18 coins as possible, there are some useful trading tips on how to invest and grind coins fast farm start.

The web app offers seasons players their best chance of making cheapest fifa 18 coins while player prices are (relatively) low so you can get a head start on your competitive FUT Champs squad. When you open the web app for the first time, returning FUT player will receive a number of free loyalty packs to open, but don't get too excited because you'll need to start selling pretty quickly.

To make good investment on transfer market and earn more FIFA 18 Coins, fifa18coinsale think you can read the following FIFA 18 Trading Tips at the beginning of the game:

1. Get Login Bonuses and Daily Gifts On Web App:
When you first load up the web app, You will receive a daily gift, such as packs or coins, every day that you load up the app. They are a simple and free way to earn coins and new players. An excellent way to boost coin totals and assets in a club. The offers also expire every day at midnight with a new one available after that, so make sure to login every day to claim your gift!

2. Open User Packs / Starter Packs / Daily Gift
One of the app's best features is that every so often EA will give you complimentary goodies just for using it. Open all returning user packs/starter packs and sell all players and items that are less likely to increase in value upon the official release. List items on 1 hour listing cycles and keep relisting until they sell. Open every FUT Web App Daily Gift, these offer free FIFA 18 Gold!

3. Bronze Pack Trading Method
As fun as opening packs is, coins are hard to come by during this initial window and should be treasured and used wisely. The only exception is the strategy of buying 400-coin bronze packs and selling the contents for an overall profit, which some players have had success with.

Although it is generally not advised to open packs during the web-app phase, the bronze pack method will fill your club with player and consumables that will be sell-able eventually. Open a 400 coin bronze pack and list the entire contents straight on the market, save the unsold items in your club until a relevant SBC comes around, where you should then be able to list it above its average price for some profit. Remember you only actually need two items from the pack to sell at lowest buy now price to break even on a pack with this method.

4. Invest Non-rare Gold Players, Rare Silvers
For the launch of the official game, most managers will want to have a full 100 chemistry team ready to jump straight into some games. However, due to most managers not having many coins they will look for cheaper players to fill their teams. This means that non-rare gold and rare silver cards will have a higher demand than usual during the web app phase, look for skill moves, weak-foot rating and speed - can often be picked up more cheaply than usual during the webstart period.

It is very easy to mass bid on non-rare golds and rare silvers that you can either use yourself or sell on for a bit of profit. In the transfer market set the buy now range to between 300 & 450 coins. Once you've done that, bid on all players with high meta stats (such as pace or physical) or players from a popular league (e.g the Premier League or LaLiga).

5. Decide if You're going to Do the League SBCs
The following leagues have SBCs where by completing one team you unlock a specific pack, and by completing all the teams you unlock a ratings-boosted player card:

- Super Lig (TUR 1)
- Liga Bancomer MX (MEX 1)
- Liga NOS (POR 1)
- Russian League (RUS 1)
- English Championship (ENG 2)
- Eredivisie (NED 1)
- Ligue 1 (FRA 1)
- Dawry Jameel (SAU 1)

If you decide to complete these, stash any players from that league in your club when you open packs.

Team of the Year (TOTY) gives Fifa 18 Ultimate Team and Fifa Mobile gamers the chance to get their hands on limited-edition cards honouring the standout players from 2017. Voting closes on Thursday, January 11, and EA Sports will begin announcing the final XI on January 15. The result will be revealed next Monday. If you are interested in the shocking news, focus on where you are able to read the most valuable guides and learn useful tips to buy cheap fifa 18 coins. That's all our summary for FIFA 18 Web App tips. You can share your tips too.