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FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades: Well-performed Players Get a Stats Boost, While Underperforming One Will Be

  • 2018-03-02 18:05:09
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EA Sports have been slowly revealing their latest Ratings Refresh for each league, with La Liga expected to be announced on Friday. Over 50 new players have seen their stats changed in the latest update from EA Sports. The new Bundesliga FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades are now live in-game, with packs available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

As usual, as  what - the best site to buy fifa 18 coins has said, only new basic player items found in packs will have updated ratings. However, certain existing in-form items will have their ratings automatically updated to reflect the Ratings Refresh. Meanwhile, a new FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades release come today for La Liga players, with another in the near future for the Bundesliga.

For those playing on PS4, Xbox One and PC, new Winter Upgrades are now available to view and buy in packs. Bundesliga FIFA 18 fans will be most intrigued, with the complete list of upgrades Ratings now live on all platforms.

It was expected that the La Liga lineup would come first, however, the German League is the third official Ratings Refresh to be revealed instead. As fans will likely already know, the FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades permanently alter the stats of certain players.

EA Sports have been busy putting together lists of who they think have done enough over the past season to get a stats boost. And while not confirmed, there's high hopes that the official FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades for La Liga will be released today.

The FIFA 18 Ratings Refresh began with the Premier League and was quickly followed with Calcio A. Earlier this week saw Ligue 1 released, with these new pack items now available in-game, and set to be followed by a lot more in the days to come.

With the French Ligue 1 now confirmed, it appears the next stop will be the Spanish La Liga. This is based on how EA Sports did things in 2017, and so far they're releasing the leagues in the exact same order. If they follow the exact formula from last year, La Liga will see the next Winter Upgrades, followed by the Bundesliga.

These were released a few days apart, meaning those who buy fifa 18 gold for gameplay might see the next Winter Upgrades announced today, or perhap March 2.

Looking to how things have been handled in the past, it seems likely that the new FIFA 18 upgrades will be revealed at around 6pm, GMT, each day. The Ratings Refresh announcements usually end with the Rest of the World pack items, which could arrive in early March.

The Premier League saw around 60 players get an upgrade of sorts in the Ratings Refresh, so there's plenty of room for others to make their mark. High performing players will get a stats boost, while underperforming players will be downgraded. So don't be upset because your heroes are not in list. Anyone can get what he deserve if he makes continuous effort. Anyway, as you reliable fifa 18 coins for sale site, we can always satisfy you with 100% professional service and perfect safety guarantee for transactions!