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West Ham United's Esports Gives His Points for Picking up Professional FIFA 18 Players

  • 2018-01-02 14:54:21

West Ham United's esports division picked up Jamie 'Jamboo' Rigden, one of the best FIFA players in the world, earlier this year. Knowing that lots of people have probably got the new game for Christmas, he's given his top five tips for FIFA 18 newcomers. Writing on West Ham United's website, Jamboo's tips are relating to the Ultimate Team mode on FIFA, where you build your dream team of players and compete against other people.

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'Play generic online matches, mess around in Career mode, head to the training activities – all of these will slowly build your purse, which in turn can be used to invest in better playing options for your Ultimate Team,' said Jamboo.

To start with, your team will be full of bronze players. For new players, it might be tempting to get better bronze players, then go up to silver, and then keep building slowly.

However, Jamboo says you should go for gold straight away. 'Go straight for this level and have that extra bit of quality in your team to start with. Buy two or three to begin with then add more of them as and when you can, giving you a better team at a quicker pace.'

Another rookie mistake happens when you're picking defenders. It's intuitive to go for the defenders with the highest defending stat, but in FIFA, that's not necessarily what you want.

'In real football, defenders are clever and don't all necessarily need to be the quickest, but in FIFA that little extra speed at the back can make all the difference,' said Jamboo. 'I personally don't ever consider a defender that has less than a 70 pace in FUT, and I would recommend you adopt a similar tactic.'

Next up, things get a bit more advanced, as Jamboo advises you to start setting custom tactics for your players. 'Almost all of the tactical options come with an option of setting the number between 0-100. Simply decide how you want to play FIFA 18 and adjust your numbers to match this.'  

Jamboo's final bit of advice might not be for everyone, and Mail Esports would advise you to only do this if you're completely sure you want to. 'The game has been out for over three months now and therefore you're going to come up against some quality opposition in FUT,' he said. 'It might therefore be worth considering a small investment, if you are really eager to compete at the highest level of the game.'

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If these tips aren't working out for you, we also asked another FIFA pro, Fnatic and AS Roma's Sam 'Poacher' Carmody for more tips a couple of months ago. In the previous articles, we have make a lot of reports about best players to trade and the useful gaming tips to earn money. Check out more at Have a nice day!