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You Can't Connect and Play FIFA 18 in Several Hours as EA Servers are Down

  • 2017-12-29 16:59:35
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Gamers, you may not be able to connect with some of your consolo game accounts because EA server is reported as being back online for many games last night. This included Origin services, which the company have now confirmed as being back in working order.Users began losing connection at about 8.15pm (GMT) with those playing FIFA 18 and Star Wars Battlefront seeing the most outages.

It's unclear how long the current outage will continue, or what is causing the issues tonight. But we can sure that top titles such as FIFA 18 or Star Wars Battlefront 2 were reported as being affected for some hours. FIFA18CoinSale will keep close eyes on that unexpected matter and will provide our fifa 18 coins customers the fresh news.

At its peak, more than 4,800 gamers worldwide were disconnected from titles, including Madden and Battlefield, with at least 3,000 of those in the UK. Several users took to Twitter to complain that the servers going offline had caused them to lose important games.

It took EA almost four hours to full restore the service without explanation as to what caused it. The company initially tweeted: "We are aware of Origin login issues affecting some players and are currently investigating. Thank you." And EA later tweeted shortly after midnight: "The login issues affecting Origin have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience, if you still require assistance please let us know."  

Origin is an online gaming service that is owned and operated by EA and allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms. This means that no matter what game you're playing - Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, FIFA 18 or more - you can't connect and play. This also means no matter what platform you're playing on (PC, PS4, Xbox One), you'll have trouble connecting.

No updates have been released on the current EA Server outage, however, more could be revealed in the coming hours. For fans who buy fifa 18 coins and want to show their skills in the following hours, it may be a pitty. Though the situation seems harder than ever before, there is no need to worry much. After, EA is the most greatest game developer and publisher in the world so that EA's team will solve the problem in near future.

Until FIFA18CoinSale post this article, there is no further info leaked out from EA's official website or any social media. But we will tell you EA's trying measures as long as they give us the clues. Hope that matter won't affect your mood to play the game. As the most reputable place for gamers to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, we never make you disappointed.