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Blizzard Gave Some Explanation about WoW Classic Rumor


The community has long suspected that Blizzard are already testing everything on a beta server. What wasn't quite clear, though, was whether players would get some hands-on experience before the official launch. Not according to a new blue post in the Blizzard forum dedicated to Classic. Raiditem.com continue to offer huge stock of cheap WoW Classic gold without registration at our site.

WoW Classic May Be Available Soon as Its Beta Entry Appears


It looks like the beta for World of Warcraft Classic is closer than we think. A few Blizzard data miners on a Blizzard Discord group managed to find some new entries in Blizzard's CDN (content delivery network). Apparently, some of the files are named for Blizzard's upcoming refreshed MMO. Follow raiditem.com to know things about content delivery. Meanwhile, raiditem.com is selling World of Warcraft gold to help both beginners and loyal players perform well.

Download Warcraft Companion App to See Quest & Complete Missions


The battle between the Horde and Alliance rages on, but even the most dedicated champions can't be at their computer all the time. However, the Warcraft Companion App will allow you to see which world quests are up and complete missions. If you has not yet installed the app, download it for free on the iTunes App Store. Raiditem.com as your safe place to buy WoW boost, is glad to see your great performance.

Blizzard Student Art Contest Ended, Amazing Winning Works Revealed


The eighth annual Blizzard Student Art Contest, presented by Blizzard Entertainment's University Relations and World of Warcraft development teams, has drawn to a close with a total success. Many great entries have chance to be admired and praised by World of Warcraft fans. And most excitedly, judeges have decided the winner. As a website that keeps reporting fresh WoW news and farming guides to buy WoW gold, as well as fun events, raiditem.com would like to reveal some important details about this year's art contest.

Rise of Azshara Dungeon & Raid Will Be Available Together


Blizzard recently revealed a few key details about World of Warcraft's upcoming patch 8.2 content update. The Battle for Azeroth update, called Rise of Azshara, will feature a variety of new features including a semi-rework of the Azerite system. Raiditem.com also offers the cheap and fast WoW-related goods including WoW boost and WoW gold. Now read the news we prepare for you.

WoW Classic' PvP Content Plans Revealed, Release Date Not Confirmed


The most popular and classic World of Warcraft expansion may return later this year and it seems that Blizzard keeps leaking out more related details about the upcoming launch. There is a recent plan for nostalgia-fueled title and players can expect to encounter while enjoying the experience. Follow raiditem.com to know important info about new launch plan, and don't forget to buy WoW gold with lowest price.

Raiditem Has a Rich Accumulation in WoW Related Service


These days we have heard so many negative points which shows how terrible the latest expansion is for part of players. However, we also know that most of fans can still love this game and hope it will be better. Meanwhile, the developer team has acquired much inspiration from what gamers has advised. Let's follow raiditem.com to witness more magic changes in BFA. Here we would like to introduce the best Wow gold service on raiditem and hope you can enjoy a lot.

What Can Patch 8.2 Learn from BFA's Achievement and Failure?


It is been a rocky year for World of Warcraft since the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth was releaed in August 2018. Though there are some new things in every patch, most of players still complained a lot. Follow raiditem.com to see what's the achievement and failure for Blizzard in BFA. Again, full stock of WoW gold is ready and available on best WoW items for sale shop. Read on!

Aprill 2nd Hotfixes for BFA: Brawler's Guild, PvP Pennant Toys


World of Warcraft has received new hotfixes on April 2th and some of changes deserve your attention! Keep eyes on the following details about hotfixes. Raiditem.com still sell WoW gold with low price and fast delivery.

Will Endgame Experience in Patch 8.2 Cover The Shortage in BFA?


Follow Legion versions, Battle for Azeroth is the latest expansion and has gone from world shattering threats and demons to a faction war between the Horde and Alliance. BFA surely has given many unique features to WoW fans, but there is still a large space for game to keep players' attention and hold up to them logging in daily. Read details raiditem.com prepare for you, and buy WoW gold to enhance your ability.

World of Warcraft: Spell Batching in Classic WoW


Blizzard has released updates regarding how Spell Batching will work in Classic WoW. Their plan is, while Classic will still be running in an altered version of the modern client, to reduce how often the game processes spells. Raiditem.com will report details and sell cheap WoW Classic gold for you to make a win in Vanilla.

Hotfixes for March 26th: Blizzard Increases The Conquest Gains by 50%


Glad to see new hotfixes for March 26th by Blizzard! According to the latest post, this time Blizzard increases the conquest gains by 50% in Rated BGs and Arenas until the 9th weekly Conquest Reward. And a Death Rift bug fix on the king Rastakhan encounter and more! Follow raiditem.com to see what new changes are included in this hotfixes. In addition, welcome to buy WoW boost at raiditem at lowest price.

Players Hope Game Get Improved in Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara


Though patch 8.1.5 is here with new features, some of World of Warcraft fans are still not satisfied and they show great expectation to content in next patch. Seemigly, most players hope things will get better and gameplay experience get improved in patch 8.2. There is no accurate release date for new patch's coming, but some things has shown big impact in Rise of Azshara Patch.

Important Characters You Will Meet, Magni Bronzebeard Included


Patch 8.1.5 has already been here as the major update for Battle for Azeroth, featuring the Kul Tirans and the Zandalari. Well, among all characters, who are major roles whom you will meet in this month's update? Here raiditem.com has listed some important characters whose features won't make a waste of your WoW gold. If you are interested, keep reading!

v1.12 version of Alterac is Ready and Has Hope to Be Used


Several days ago, WoW's official forum gave a post showing that Alterac Valley was upcoming. As a battleground of PvP, notable for both for how many people can queue per side (40), Alterac Valley is won when the opposing team General is killed. Are there further details telling us more about it? Yes, come with raiditem.com and get to know how it works. Buy WoW leveling service and be excited for new features!

Purchase Toys to Help Take The WoW Esports Prize to a New Level!


These days players are lucky to see a pair of new toys in Blizzard Shop, both online and in WoW game. The toys are not just designed for fun, but also for helping raise funds for the Arena World Championships and the Mythic Dungeon Invitational prize pools. Raiditem.com has listed the details to help you know something about toys. Again, full stock of World of Warcraft gold is ready. Read on!

Blizzard Will Upgrade Inactive Accounts to Recall WoW Players


Battle for Azeroth™ is in full swing, and everyone is needed on the front lines. In order to recall the missing players who have not played WoW for a very long time, Blizzard makes a 'Welcome Back' weeked with the entire game made available for the duration from March 21st to March 24th. Deatils can be found from the following info by raiditem.com where you are able to buy WoW gold with lowest price.

Warcraft Progression Experience Will Be Rebuilt in Classic Server


When Blizzard announced that it would build classic servers in World of Warcraft, there were a lot of questions about how the company would roll that content out to players. Now, the company has answered them — and the resulting announcement looks very strong if you want to experience classic WoW in all its glory. Follow raiditem.com where you will enjoy the 100% professional service for your WoW gold buying.

New 8.1.5 Patch Finally Comes Out, Try New Allied Races Now!


The new 8.1.5 patch is finally out, adding quite a few things – chiefly two new Allied Races: the dummy thicc Kul Tiran humans and the good-postured Zandalari trolls. Featured above, you can view a new overview trailer for the update on WoW's official forum. Raiditem offers you best WoW gold for sale service for both newbiews and old friends. Enjoy BFA new patch and get much fun!

World of Warcraft Classic: Blizzard Has Expanded Four Phases to Six


Fans has shown great interest on the return of World of Warcraft Classic as most of them still remember the good old days before Azeroth had Void Elves, Nightborne, and Tauren walking around. Luckily, official Classic server will come this summer and Blizzard has expanded the four phases built to six after they listen to a lot of feedback from players. Raiditem has collected the new info abour additional phases and we would like to share you with cheap WoW gold as well. Read on!

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