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OSRS: Unrestricted Worlds Arrive, Begin Your Adventure Now

  • 2019-02-02 11:06:17
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Unrestricted worlds is known as a beta worlds or tournament worlds previously. Players can try out any part of Old School and have great fun. Now you can explore it again in a limit-time till the 21st of March. Riditem.com will share the details with you below. In addition, you can find cheap rs07 gold at full sock with secure instant delivery. Please feel free to buy OSRS gold if you are in need at any time!

These unrestricted worlds allow you to engage with content you wouldn't normally, using any stats and gear you choose. When you log in, you'll find yourself in an area with chests full all the gear you could want and a right-click option to set your stats to the desired levels. You may also travel to anywhere in Gielinor.

These will give you the chance to test out any PvP set ups you want to try or have a go against any bosses you'd like to practice. The only exception is the Inferno which will be disabled on these worlds. Additionally, the 6 Jad challenge will be available for those who are brave enough to give it a go! Simply head over to the Yellow Portal just outside and West of the starting area. This also happens to be right infront of the free-for-all portal should you wish to try your hand at PvP without restrictions. This is the perfect chance to practice your skills or start learning to PK.

The rest of Gielinor is also open so feel free to explore and engage with all the content that's out there with any levels and equipment! Note that progress is not saved on these worlds so your character will be temporary and reset each time they log in.

Except the opening unrestricted worlds, there are also some new changes about Kebos Lowlands. The Jar of Chemicals has been added to the Alchemical Hydra's drop table. This drop is additional to the regular loot rolls. The jar can be placed in players own display case found in the Achievement Gallery of the Player owned House as long as you have a boss killcount of at least 1. Alongside this, the topiary bush in the superior garden can now be trimmed into the shape of the hydra. This also requires 1 killcount for the Alchemical Hydra Boss.

A shortcut has been added to the Mount Karuulm dungeon. This allows players with 88 Agility to bypass the aggressive monsters between the entrance and the Hydra boss. It takes a similar amount of time to reach the Alchemical Hydra this way as it does to running through the dungeon. If you need to defeat the Hydra, then it's a wise choose to buy 2007 RS Power Leveling to boost yourself up in advance。

Besides, the rate at which Molch Pearls are obtained now scales from 1/100 to 1/75 based on your Fishing and Hunter levels. Alry the Angler at the centre of Lake Molch now sells the Angler outfit at a cost of 100 Molch Pearls a piece.

The unrestricted worlds are ready for your challenging, come and show your strength now! If you need any help, please visit raiditem.com. We have all kinds of rs 2007 runes at full stock with top services. No more hesitation, act now!

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